Collaborating for Climate Resilient Communities

A flooded road
Across Canada, there has been an increase in weather-related damage, affecting homeowners, communities, and the environment as a whole. This damage has also impacted the insurance industry as national catastrophes are becoming more common.
RSA has partnered with WWF-Canada to build on our existing work with Canadians to help them take individual actions to mitigate flood risks in their own homes. The partnership will allow us to play a larger role in combatting this climate crisis and provide more support to brokers so they can confidently advise their customers. One of the goals of the partnership is to enable brokers to be leaders in combatting climate change by providing them with tools and credibility when outlining preventative measures customers can take to mitigate climate-related risks. The program’s long-term goal is to build community collaboration, leverage nature-based solutions to mitigate flood risks, and share larger-scale climate smart learnings with at-risk communities across Canada.
To mitigate the impact of flood risks, RSA began the Climate Smart initiative to ensure brokers have what they need to inform clients about this type of damage and the steps they can take to prevent it. Helping customers take care of their personal property and prepare for future extreme conditions will lead to a larger impact overall.
With ice storms and heavy snow events around the corner, concerns about flooding from snow melt is top of Canadians’ minds. RSA’s Climate Smart initiative has resources for Brokers to use to educate their customers.
There are many precautionary measures customers can take to avoid damages this winter: 
  • If going away on holiday for 3 or more weeks, turn off water supply and drain pipes
  • Install a temperature alarm to help prevent home’s temperature from dropping too rapidly and freezing the water in the pipes during winter
  • Visually inspect roof to detect if any shingles appear to be deteriorated or missing
  • Make sure any downspouts divert water away from property in preparation for potential warmer winter days
  • Shovel paths or trenches in case of melting snow or rain water, making sure it drains away from property
Check out RSA’s Climate Smart page for more downloadable resources.
By taking these precautions going into the winter season, individuals can lessen the risk of flooding damage. RSA’s collaboration with WWF-Canada aims to build on these individual actions to expand to the community level and build true resilience through climate smart actions.
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