Thanks for being a Pro™ and scoring during Quote to Score!

Woman cheering

On March 19th, we launched our RSA Pro™ Quote to Score contest, which gave RSA Pro™ brokers the opportunity to win a pair of Apple AirPods©, Apple iPads©, and 2500 Air Miles Bonus cards for using RSA Pro to quote and bind their SME business. 

Quote to Score was a contest where brokers had monthly SME insurance quote targets to hit in order to qualify for a grand prize each month. In order to qualify, brokers had to use RSA Pro™: a simple online tool to quote and bind SME business with built in discounted pricing, live chat support, flexible quotes, and instant bind capabilities.

We’ve highlighted the lucky winners below:

Winners Chart

We want to thank all of our RSA Pro™ brokers who participated in our Quote to Score campaign. Stay tuned for our next campaign! 

If you’d like to learn more about RSA Pro™, visit or contact your local RSA representative today.