Talking Ethics at IBAO 2019

RSA's town hall IBAO: Leveraging the power of ethic to accelerate revenue growth in your brokerage.

This year at IBAO, RSA hosted a Town Hall for an accredited Ethics course designed to demonstrate the relationship between positive ethical behaviour and its impact on overall customer value. With complicated scenarios and decisions happening on a day-to-day basis in the Insurance world, it is important that brokers feel enabled and are aware of best actions to take.

RSA’s special guest speaker, Dave Mahr, partner at Alta Consulting, led this informative and interactive session for brokers. With over 25 years’ of experience building long-term relationships based on business value, Dave has worked in several start-up businesses, and has held various senior sales leadership roles throughout the years. 

With a blurry line existing between what is legal and what is considered ethical, it is important that brokers are able to detect these ethical dilemmas when they arise. The insurance industry relies on all parties involved including the insurance company, underwriters and brokers, to maintain a reputation as an ethical business. The one hour session outlined the rules and standards that exist to govern ethical decision-making. Using real ethical situations that happen in the insurance industry every day as examples (designed alongside RSA’s actual brokers from coast to coast), Dave not only helped raise awareness about potential ethical issues but also mapped out best practices brokers should follow when handling them. 

Attending brokers walked out of the session better able to identify key ethical responsibilities, different types of ethical situations that occur in the insurance business, and how to make good ethical choices. A key takeaway was the understanding that good ethical behavior can be a revenue generator for you and your business.

If you were unable to attend this Ethics course, stay tuned for an invitation to join our online webinar on this same topic at the beginning of 2020!